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Workshop 2: Using Letterpress, Dublin, 17 Nov 2017

This workshop explores how historical printing presses and type are being used in research, practice, and teaching and to explore further ways in which they could be used.  We want to discuss what is distinctive about working with historical equipment and how historical print practices might inform our approach to textual, typographical and visual culture today.  Held at the National Print Museum in Dublin, this workshop brings together artists, printers, and typographers, as well as historians, literary scholars, and media theorists.

All are welcome and attendance is free.  Registration is required: to register, click here.

Provisional programme:

9:30-10:00  Registration
10:00-10:10  Introduction and welcome
10:10-11:40  Session 1: Letterpress and places of education
 Richard Lawrence (Bodleian Library, Oxford, and St Bride London):
 'Teaching letterpress to people who need to know and others'
 Sean Sills (Distiller Press, National College of Art & Design Dublin (retired)):
 '50 years of letterpress: from apprentice to print educator'
 Alex Cooper, Rose Gridneff, Andrew Haslem (6 x 6 Letterpress Project)
11:40-12:00  Refreshments
12:00-13:30  Session 2: Printing with letterpress
 Dawn Hollis (University of St Andrews and Pathfoot Press, University of Stirling):
 'A Traditional Letterpress for a Modern University: Some Preliminary Ink(l)ings'
 Mary Plunkett (Belgrave Private Press, Dublin):
 'Books, prints and creative makers'
 Ann Brady (Vermillion Design, Dublin):
 'Inky hands: liaisons with letterpress within contemporary typographic design practice'
13:30-14:30  Lunch
14:30-16:00  Session 3: Letterpress past / letterpress present
 Sandy Wilkinson (School of History and Centre for the History of Media, University College Dublin):
 ‘Ornamentation and illustration in early-modern Spanish print’
 Nick Thurston (University of Leeds):
 ‘Cast in Ink: the poetics of letterpress in contemporary art’
 Kelsey Jackson Williams (Pathfoot Press, University of Sterling):
 'A picky poet prints privately: Archibald Pitcairne's experiments in letterpress'
16:00-16:20  Refreshments
16:20-17:20  Roundtable
17:20-17:30  Closing remarks