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Caroline Archer - Professor of Typography and Director of the Centre for Printing History and Culture at Birmingham City University/University of Birmingham. Caroline specialises in the work of John Baskerville and printing of the Eighteenth Century, but her research spans several eras and areas. Contact

Rob Banham - Rob is Director of Teaching and Learning in the department of Typography and Graphic Communication, University of Reading. He has a particular interest in using archives and collections in teaching and research. Contact

Sara Barker - Lecturer in Early Modern History, University of Leeds. Sara is deputy director of Centre CHoP, and her research explores early printed news and its movement between different countries, in particular translations of news pamphlets in western Europe in the sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries, as well as book history. Contact

Sarah Bodman - Sarah is Senior Research Fellow for Artists' Books at the Centre for Fine Print Research (CFPR) at the University of the West of England, where she runs projects investigating and promoting contemporary book arts. She is also Programme Leader for MA Multi-disciplinary Printmaking. Contact

Angie Butler - PhD Candidate in Book Arts at the University of the West of England. Her thesis is titled ‘Of ligament and ligature: a practice-led investigation of letterpress printed artists' books in the UK.’ Contact /

Anne-Marie Carey - Research Fellow in the School of Jewellery, Birmingham City University. Anne-Marie specialises in combining craftsmanship with laser technology to introduce new perspectives of understanding.  The blending of these two skill sets presents new perspectives of understanding, and novel approaches to the development of the craft. This approach has developed pioneering methodologies in how objects are created and understood.  Contact

Sheena Calvert - Sheena is a philosopher, writer, designer and artist based at Camberwell College of Arts, Central Saint Martin's. Her studio, the .918 press (E3), includes a fully equipped letterpress workshop for the production of experimental work concerning ‘materialanguage’ (with a single ‘l’). Contact

Rebecca Carnevali - PhD Candidate at the University of Warwick. Rebecca's thesis explores the relationship between cheap print and early modern Italian political life. She is also interested in the relationship between book and print production, the survival and transmission of printed images, and artists' books. Contact

Victoria Clarke - PhD Candidate in School of English, University of Leeds. Her research explores the role of the Northern Star as a newspaper and mode of communication for the Chartist movement. She is a member of Centre CHoP and Research Assistant for the Letterpress Project. Contact

Matthieu Cortat - Matthieu is professor of the MA in Type Design at ECAL (École cantonale d’art de Lausanne) in Switzerland. This training provides privileged access to one of the flagship disciplines in Swiss graphic design, relying on ECAL’s expertise in this field as the first Swiss school to have integrated digital typography as part of its curriculum. Contact

Ian Gadd - Director of the Making Books research group, Bath Spa University. Ian specialises in the literature and history of the sixteenth, seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries. He considers himself to be both a bibliographer and book historian. Contact

Jessica Glaser - Senior Lecturer in Graphic Design, University of Wolverhampton. Jessica's research interests include the use of visual hierarchy and the manipulation of compositional structures enabling the graphic designer to influence the visual message, tone of voice, target market and audience appeal. Contact

Stephen H. Gregg - Co-founder of the Making Books research group, Bath Spa University. Stephen is a senior lecturer in English literature, specialising in eighteenth-century literature and digital humanities. Contact

Andrew Haslam - Head of Department Graphic Design, Kingston School of Art. Andrew has undertaken research in the field of Graphic Design, the outputs of which have characteristically been in the form of designed books. Andrew is part of the 6x6x6 Print research group. Contact

Will Hill - Deputy Head of the Cambridge School of Art at Anglia Ruskin University. Will's current practice and research activity reflects a wide-ranging fascination for type, letters and the visual use of language across both the applied and the fine arts. Contact

John Hinks - Chair of the Printing Historical Society, honourary Research Fellow in Printing History and Culture at Birmingham City University, and a member of the Print Networks conference committee. John's research interests span printing and distribution of written texts accross the long eighteenth century. Contact

Dawn Hollis - Leverhulme Postdoctoral Research Fellow, School of Classics, University of St. Andrews. Dawn works primarily on textual representations of mountains, but also has interests in the current-day historiographical discourses surrounding the question of premodern mountain engagement, and in investigating their origins, nuances, and problematic impact upon our scholarly understanding of past landscape experience. With Kelsey Williams she is co-founder of the Pathfoot Press, based at the University of Stirling. Contact

Becky Howson - PhD Candidate, Birmingham City University. Becky's research explores printing education between 1890 and 1990, a period that witnessed the rise and fall of the printing schools.  She is interested in particular in the life and work of Leonard Jay (1925-53), Head of the Birmingham School of Printing. Contact

David Osbaldestin - Deputy Course Director for the BA (Hons) Visual Communication in the School of Visual Communication, Birmingham City University. David has a passion for typography, and uses his fine art and design skills to teach the complex art form of the printed letter. Contact

Rebecca N. Mitchell - Reader in Victorian Literature and Culture, University of Birmingham. Rebecca's scholarship focuses on Victorian literature and culture broadly defined, and she is especially intrigued by the study and depiction of the creative process, the self/other relationship, and the textual/visual interface. Contact

Jim Mussell - Jim is Associate Professor of Victorian Literature at the University of Leeds and is Director of Centre CHoP. His research interests broadly span Victorian Literature, print, and digitisation. Contact

Kate Pullinger - Co-founder of the Making Books research group, Bath Spa University. Kate is the director of Bath Spa University's Centre for Cultural and Creative Industries, and has a PhD by publication from De Montford University. She writes novels, short stories, and digital fiction, including multimedia interactive collaborative works. Contact

Chris Taylor - Deputy head of School of Fine Art, History of Art, and Cultural Studies, University of Leeds. Chris is a practising artist, curator and publisher with specialist knowledge in the field of contemporary printmaking, artists’ books and curation. He is particularly interested in the role of artists’ books as primary medium within contemporary art practice and the relevance of the page and the book format as a vehicle for visual communication and audience development. Contact

Tom SowdenHead of Design at the Bath School of Art, Bath Spa University. Tom’s artistic practice often involves a knowing but light-hearted reference to the book works of Ed Ruscha produced during the 1960s and 1970s. He works across a number of disciplines, primarily with the artist’s book format but also video, photography, printmaking and sculpture. Contact

Sandy Wilkinson - Professor of Early Modern History, University of Dublin. Sandy's interests lie in the social and cultural history of early-modern Europe, with a particular focus on book history, and the publishing cultures of sixteenth and seventeenth-century France, Spain, Portugal and the New World. Currently, he is working on Ornamento, with the objective of creating an online repository of ornamentation and illustration in pre-Industrial Europe to be searchable through metadata and image-matching software.

Kelsey Jackson Williams - Lecturer in Early Modern Literature, University of Stirling. Kelsey recently completed a British Academy Post-Doctoral fellowship with the title "Writing Scotland: Antiquarianism, Confessionalism, and National Identity in Early Modern Europe". Along with Dawn Hollis he is co-founder of the Pathfoot Press, based at the University of Stirling. Contact